Wall Street Journal buries good Omicron news

Wall Street Journal buries good Omicron news
Photo by Patrick Perkins / Unsplash

The corporate media constantly lie with facts to keep consumers afraid, and today's prime example comes from The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ omicron africa less severe covid stealth edit
WSJ story on Omicron study before stealth editing

“Omicron may cause less severe covid-19,” a WSJ headline read yesterday.

Great news, right? A less dangerous variant moves us rapidly closer to this virus being more like the endemic common cold coronavirus. Who wouldn't want to cautiously celebrate that, even if the study referenced is small?

Yeaaah... about that...

Today the WSJ stealth-edited that same article's headline, at the same link, to read “US plans to fast-track revamped COVID-19 vaccines,” bumping the original reassuring and positive story down and instead amping up the urgent need for new vaccines and for everyone to be multi-jabbed and boosted:

WSJ stealth edit covid omicron
WSJ story after stealth editing

Here’s the edited story.

U.S. Plans to Fast-Track Revamped Covid-19 Vaccines — The Wall Street Journal
Study from South Africa suggests the fast-spreading Omicron variant might cause less severe illness than its predecessors

There's not even an editorial note acknowledging they completely rewrote the headline for another topic and reframed the entire story around that new narrative.

Here’s a cache of the original story on Archive.org, which is doing God's work these days by enabling accountability like this.

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