92% vaccinated Scotland sees record covid spread

92% vaccinated Scotland sees  record covid spread

Despite a remarkably high vaccination rate, Scotland's government says it is facing a dangerous situation with rising spread, reports the BBC.

Around 92% of all Scottish adults are jabbed, yet cases and hospitalizations are near record levels.

Chart of daily new cases in UK, with 92% of adults vaccinated in Scotland

As a result, the government is now seeking to expand vaccine passport schemes for even more venues.

After all, look how well it's worked in Lithuania: mask mandates, vax passports for grocery shopping, vax mandates for working, and a vax rate not far below Scotland's, yet they are near record new cases and deaths.

Meanwhile, in England, the vaccinated are now at greater overall mortality within twelve weeks after the shot. By week 38, the vaccinated's overall risk of death is more than 50% higher than the unvaccinated. And recently the numbers flipped in the UK showing the vaccinated in most every age group are now at greater risk of infection than the unvaccinated.

So, while the evidence continues to show that vaccines do reduce risk of serious illness, they do precious little to reduce infection or transmission within months.

If true, no amount of Scotland masking the unvaccinated and forcing them out of polite society will bail out their decrepit national health system when waning vaccine protection means the jabbed get infected and spread the disease at the same rates.

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